Apps to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

The Internet has become a storehouse for literally everything. Nowadays, everything is available on the web. The same can be said for the entertainment category. A big crowd is looking for entertainment online. And various online movies platforms and services have come up with excellent strategies to provide a seamless experience of online entertainment.

online services watch movies

Online video streaming or online movie watching is one area which has received good acclamation from the crowd. Many people have subscribed to various online platforms for watching movies and other videos. There are several good movies apps and online platforms where one can watch almost all the films and videos released.

The best part of the online platforms is that you are now not limited to your televisions or disc players only. You can stream the online content from any device capable of an internet connection by just logging in to your account. That’s it. Now, you can watch movies on the go. Here we list some of the top online movie watching platforms.

Best Online Services Available to Watch Movies

1) Showbox App

The reason behind putting this app on top of other famous services is, it is free and provides the movies along with some popular TV Shows. Show Box is available for Android, iOS and PC users. Download Showbox apk here to perform the installation.

Here is Showbox for PC download guide and some cool apps like Showbox. It’s possible to get Showbox for iPhone too. This is the only free app in this list, the coming applications are paid, and you need to subscribe to their plans.

Note: Showbox is Illegal and Pirated so we do not recommend using it.

2) Netflix

In terms of online video streaming, Netflix remains the king with its undisputed quality. It continues to be one of the best with its selection of content that ranges from TV shows and movies to comedy shows and other programs. All this can be availed at a small monthly fee. A monthly subscription includes unlimited access to all the content you want to watch. It has maintained the first position in the race till now and did not seem to fall behind. The quality of services provided by Netflix is just awesome.


  • Excellent content
  • Optimised streaming services


  • A bit too expensive

3) Hulu

Hulu is not very different than a cable TV in its concept but is way more economical than what a cable TV subscription would cost you. It provides access to almost all the recent releases and shows. It also provides access to some of the cable TV shows within its subscription. With a Hulu subscription, you can get access to some of the most amazing and original content available. Hulu also has a wide selection of movies and anime series which makes it stand apart in the competition.


  • Low subscription fee
  • Good and quality content


  • Frequent commercials showed even with a subscription

4) Amazon Video

If you are a regular shopping addict, you must be aware of the online giant Amazon. With its recent Prime subscription, it provides unlimited 2-day deliveries, one free Kindle book each month, and open access to Amazon Music and Videos for one full year.

All this comes at a subtle price when compared with the subscription plans of other providers. Amazon Prime offers an excellent selection of movies, TV shows and other videos. It has good content in the children and comedy category and is a great option for family viewers. It provides access to all the movies and other shows at a high price.


  • Good content for family
  • Inexpensive and comes with added benefits


  • No monthly subscription available


When it comes to online movie streaming these four are simply the best to go with. Every service comes with its own sets of pros and cons. These are some of the best online services for watching online movies. Select one and get ready to rock.

If I’ve missed anything to mention here or you know any other app which works like these, please mention them in the comments. Except for Showbox, all other apps are available on Play Stores. I’ll surely check them whether or not to include them here. If you don’t have any idea about how these apps works, please feel free to ask them here.