MotionPerfect For Video Time Effects with Smooth Motion-Gap Filling

MotionPerfect is hard to describe quickly, so please forgive the wordiness. If I fail to erase your confusion, you might find the screenshots, sample videos, and How-it-works helpful to fill in the gaps.

MotionPerfect can change the speed, frame-rate, and run-time of an AVI video. In each operation, MotionPerfect calculates motion within the video so all newly computed frames have all objects moved to the proper placement within new frames.

This means that slow-motion has smooth movement – no matter how slow. MotionPerfect can also compute and fill in new frames to change a jump low frame rate video into a smooth full-frame rate video. It can even automatically repair videos by replacing missing and dropped frames.

In simple bullets, use MotionPerfect to:

Fill gaps in the video by inserting new, computed motion-interpolated frames. These new frames are computed to look like they belong because all the moving objects are moved to the proper spot.
Independently adjust the playback time and/or frame rate of a video, while using the gap-filling to re-time motion in output frames.
Change only the Running Time of a video to get slower or faster motion with smooth motion
Change the frame-rate of a video without changing length. If more frames are required, they are created computationally to fill-in. (e.g. 15 fps to 30 fps conversion)
Or change both simultaneously.
MotionPerfect revolves around one very difficult feat. It can look at the frames of a video, figure out what was moving and can create new frames that fit “between” other frames in time-sequence.

Simply stated, MotionPerfect can FILL GAPS IN VIDEO. Not just with a copy or a blurry mess to hide the gap. It actually computes the picture that should have been in that spot of the video. I know it seems amazing but look at the demo videos for yourself.

With this ability, Motion Perfect allows you to do some very interesting things. First, the most obvious is to repair a damaged video that has missing frames (gaps). These gaps are often caused by delays in the capture camera or when compressing.

By similar logic, Motion Perfect can enhance the change of video frame rates. Not just adjusted down (fewer frames), but it can enhance when the frame rate moves higher (requires MORE frames than the original).

For example, if you had a 10 second, 10 fps video (100 frames total) from the web, it might not be very good to watch because the action is jerky at that slow frame rate. Using MotionPerfect, you could change the frame rate to 30 fps (frames per second), while keeping it 10 seconds long. To have 30 fps for 10 seconds requires 3 times as many frames as the original 10 fps video. They must be “created.”

Inside, MotionPerfect, these 100 original frames are spaced out in “30-fps time” of 10 seconds by leaving a 2-frame gap between the original frames. Now, we have a 10-second, 30-fps video with gaps. This is good because this is MotionPerfect’s big trick – filling gaps. MotionPerfect creates 200 new frames required to create smooth motion at 30 fps.

This same process enhances slow motion. For example, change a 10-second video into a 100-second video and each successive original frame is now separated by 9 “missing” frames. These 9-frame gaps can be calculated and filled in by MotionPerfect. Great, smooth slow motion.

These are just the simplest thing you can do with MotionPerfect. After you have it a while, you will think of new things. Please email us and share the new tricks. We love to hear from you.

Also, Use MotionPerfect to:

Analyze the internal components of an AVI video file including dropped frames and gaps in the video
Change the compression type of a file – great when friends can’t read the original format
View original and output video side-by-side to compare

Sample Video: Fill Frame Gaps, Before and After

VideoPhones and Web-Cams are notorious for very low frame-rates. This clip shows a 4 fps (frames per second) original along with the “mended” output at 22 fps. The motion is smooth and natural. Maybe these videophones will catch on someday?

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