SteadyHand removes the Shake, Rattle and Roll from your Video !

SteadyHand video stabilizer is a God-send for anyone who shoots hand-held video.

If you’re like me, when you see something, you shoot. A tripod? Ha, Ha! I shoot from the plane, from the car, in a boat (OUCH), while I walk, and even while chewing gum.

Sure I get interesting shots… but… but they look bad because they shake, bob, weave, bounce – <your synonym here>. But I don’t worry because I have a SteadyHand.

SteadyHand is a simple, inexpensive program anyone can use to eliminate the shakes, rattles, and rolls from their videos. Install it on your PC, and a few minutes later you will be stabilizing your own video footage, just like the professionals do. With SteadyHand’s simple graphical interface, it takes just a few simple steps to eliminate every shake and bounce created by your handheld camera, even when you zoom, pan, rotate or step in a hole.

No matter how bad my video, I just run it through SteadyHand and it comes out looking like a Hollywood dolly-shot. Really, no fooling. Take a look at the demo videos. Each shows a before and after version.

Then download the program and try it on your videos, free. When you’re suitably impressed, come back and purchase a key to “unlock” and unleash the power.

Sample Video: Before and After

This is a great clip demonstrating the home-video application of SteadyHand. Here, the cameraperson meanders down a tree-lined path. Each step is clearly visible in the original video on the left. The SteadyHand version removes the stepping motion, creating a smooth video.

  • Download AVI file Right Click (2.4 MB)
  • View Streaming Video (Modem 56k)
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