SlowMotion lets You Make Professional-Quality Slow Motion Videos

SlowMotion is deceptively simple, yet incredibly intriguing when you start using it. The function is familiar – Slow Motion. Take a video and play it back slowly. But the surface simplicity of SlowMotion hides an incredible technology working behind the scenes.

What’s so hard? Can’t you just slow down the $%^& movie? Well, sadly, that’s what most of the world does… But not us !!! When we slow things down, we don’t leave empty space and time. We don’t let the scene jump from image to image. SlowMotion goes the next step and fills in the gaps with frame-images.

These new “intra-frames” are computer-generated to make the slow-motion smooth. Slow Motion uses a technique called advanced motion-compensated interpolation and morphing to generate the new “intra” frames, DynaPel SlowMotion produces a smooth, natural slow motion that has to be seen to be believed. Take a look at the sample videos to see.

This is a quantum leap over today’s techniques of repeating or blending frames; SlowMotion clearly is the new standard.

Use SlowMotion to:

Generate high-quality slow-motion video

  • Create smooth motion by inserting computed frames in newly created gaps between original frames.
    Analyze the internal components of an AVI video file
    Change the compression type of a file – great when friends can’t read the original format
    View original and slow-motion video side-by-side to compare

Sample Video, Before and After

This is a 15-to-1 slowdown of a rugby broadcast. DynaPel’s Slow Motion has calculated and inserted 14 new frames – 93% of what you see was NOT in the original. .

  1. Download AVI file Right Click (7 MB)
  2. View Streaming Video (Modem 56k)
  3. View Streaming Video (High-speed, Cable or DSL)